Honkai: Star Rail Outperforms Genshin Impact

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In May, Honkai: Star Rail surpassed Genshin Impact in revenue, attributed to its engaging gacha mechanic. Both games follow a rigorous update schedule, introducing fresh content every six weeks. The dominance of Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact in the mobile gaming industry is evident


In May, Honkai: Star Rail achieved an impressive feat by surpassing Genshin Impact in terms of revenue. The game's success can be attributed to its engaging gacha mechanic, which requires players to pull on different banners to obtain characters and weapons.

Both games follow a rigorous update schedule, ensuring the introduction of fresh content every six weeks. The latest update for Honkai: Star Rail (version 2.2) introduced two new characters: the renowned Halovian singer, Robin, and the formidable cyborg cowboy, Boothill.

Since their respective launches, Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact have consistently dominated the mobile gaming industry, often securing the top two positions on revenue charts. A Reddit user named babu0poke recently shared a compelling chart showcasing the May sales figures for various mobile games, including Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact . The data, sourced from the reputable business website Sensor Tower, revealed that Honkai: Star Rail generated approximately $87.3 million in revenue for May, marking a 25% decrease from the previous month's impressive $119 million. Despite this decline, Honkai: Star Rail still emerged as the top revenue-generating game, as Genshin Impact recorded a May revenue of around $53.3 million.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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