Honkai: Star Rail - Jing Yuan Tops Poll

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Jing Yuan, the five-star character, has emerged as the most favored in Honkai: Star Rail's latest poll. With a substantial player base and dominant revenue charts, the game's success is driven by frequent introductions of new characters and limited banners.


The latest poll for Honkai: Star Rail has revealed that the character Jing Yuan, a five-star character, has emerged as the most favored among the community. Since its launch in April 2023, Honkai: Star Rail has garnered a substantial player base, with tens of millions of active players every month.

Despite being the second most popular title in the Hoyoverse universe, Honkai: Star Rail consistently dominates the revenue charts in the mobile gaming industry. This success can be attributed to the frequent introduction of new characters to the game's playable roster through rigorous update schedules.

Similar to many gacha games, the primary source of revenue for Hoyoverse from Honkai: Star Rail comes from the limited banners featuring five-star characters. A recent poll within the game's Chinese community, as shared by Twitter user hxg_diluc, has highlighted Jing Yuan as the most popular character in Honkai: Star Rail. Despite being released over a year ago, Jing Yuan, one of the seven arbiter-generals of the Xianzhou Alliance's Cloud Knights, continues to be the top choice for most trailblazers.

To commemorate Jing Yuan's victory in the poll, a special Jing Yuan head icon has been distributed for free on Hoyolab, a popular gaming forum for Hoyoverse games. It's worth noting that this free icon is exclusively available on the CN server.

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